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SantoriniSantorini distinguishes from the islands of Cyclades due to its geological morphology. The cause of its existence is the explosion of the volcano thousands years ago. Its current name was given by Italian crusaders and pilgrims from the port of Santa Irene in which they anchored during their travels. At the first big explosion roughly 16th century B.C., tidal waves devastated the coasts of Crete so that they desolated the Minoans, according to the archaeologist Mr. Spyros Marinatos. The consequence of this explosion was the emersion of the volcano from the depths of the earth. It was a huge portion of the island that was sunk and thus the known caldera, perhaps the biggest marine caldera in the world with area 83 square kilometers roughly, was created. Various seismic vibrations created smaller islets, called “Kammenes”. One of them is New Kammeni, in which the recent crater of volcano is located. This unique view of the caldera is the reason why Santorini is so attractive to people. This romantic atmosphere drives people not only to visit and get married in Santorini and also to be their permanent place of stay even during the winter. Even if there are not many tourists during the winter time the island can offer services of any kind in order to ensure a normal lifestyle.